Check out these places:

Internet Archive

This place is the internet's largest library of books, videos, software and websites.
If you have any software or anything that isn't on there, consider uploading it to there to preserve it.

Windows Media Player Skin Archive

Remember all the cool skins you could get for Windows Media Player back in the day?
Well, here they all are! Complete with that questionable 2000s design philosophy you've come to love.

Cameron's World

A shrine to days long gone, days that we only can now emulate.
Please excuse that pseudo-poetic bullshit. It's a pretty neat place to find those crusty geocities/angelfire gifs.


The world's greatest timewaster.

Lazy Game Reviews

Not a website, but a YouTube channel. Do you like old hardware, software, and videogames??? LGR will be heaven for you then.
The channel name is a bit misleading, the videos are not lazy, infact they are really well researched, written and produced (also game reviews only make up like 30% of his content now, but whatever.) Yeah it's real good old fashioned YouTube content, check it out.